1. Enrol for a minimum of 8 guitar lessons to be taken weekly, and receive FREE from Lippert Music, a rental guitar for 8 weeks. The free 8-week rental period commences on the date of the first lesson.
  2. The retail value of the guitar is up to $200.00, depending on the size of the guitar rented. Each guitar rental includes a guitar carrying bag.
  3. A deposit of $60.00 is required before the guitar is loaned to the pupil.
  4. After the initial 8-week period, the student shall have the following options:
    1. Option A. Register for a full year of lessons and the guitar can be purchased for $40 off the retail cost, plus HST.  Deposit also to be deducted from purchase price.
    2. Option B. Continue renting the guitar at the regular rate of $20.00 per month, plus HST, according to Lippert’s regular rental policy.  The student accepts all regular rental policies as outlined on the Rental Agreement.
    3. Option C. Return the guitar in the condition in which it was loaned and the $60.00 deposit will be refunded.

*Subject to availability for new students only.